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Let's do this
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How do I start?

You’ve seen a change in their daily routines. Perhaps, they’ve lost interest in doing the things they love. Maybe, they just seem like they’re having a bad day. You have the power to check in with your friends and loved ones.

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How do I say it?

You know you want to show up—but it might be hard to figure out what to say or what to ask. The good news? There’s no special training needed to get started.

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What else can I do?

Connecting with loved ones doesn’t just have to be in a conversation. You can show your support in actions too. Consider practical and realistic options.

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Support Human Stories

A text message can be a lifeline.

Amy knew her friend wasn’t telling her everything. As they spent time together, her friend’s quiet, shy attitude was actually an expression of great discomfort. Amy wasn’t sure what was wrong, but she tried something else—texting. Suddenly, Amy’s friend opened up about needing support and help getting to therapy.

“When you're depressed or anxious, you are not in a place to support yourself. Having someone there to help and push you along makes all the difference.”

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Share your story.

Maybe you’re the one giving support. Maybe you’re the one receiving support. Maybe you’re both.

Share how you gave or received support. By sharing your story, you can help others navigate their path to becoming an Emotional Support Human.

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