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We are Emotional Support Humans.

We are a group of people who know a small effort can make a big difference!
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Being an emotional support human costs nothing more than your compassion and time. Pledge your support for mental health.

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What would you say?

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A movement that matters

“When you're depressed or anxious you are not in a place to support yourself. Having someone there to help and push you along makes all the difference.”

– Amy, community member

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Can you think of a time when giving or receiving support successfully helped you or someone in need? Share your journey with us and help others navigate their path to becoming an emotional support human.

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Emotional Support Human and the Horizon Foundation

The Horizon Foundation is the largest independent health philanthropy in Maryland. We lead community change so everyone in Howard County can live a longer, better life. We are committed to improving health through innovative initiatives, collaborative partnerships, strategic grantmaking and thoughtful advocacy. Learn more at

The Horizon Foundation developed the Emotional Support Human campaign to inspire Howard County residents to reach out and support community members who live with emotional and mental health challenges.

The Horizon Foundation team hold up signs that say, "Thank you to our mental health partners. #MentalHealthMatters"