Illustration of man sitting on a couch greeting his friend who is standing

Feelings take a lot of energy, and sometimes that doesn’t leave much space to handle everyday activities.

Helping with small household tasks or errands can make a big difference. Even with social distancing, you can find ways to give practical help.

“Can I help with a task?”
Offer to help with chores, like picking up groceries or taking their pet for a walk.
Include them in plans.
Even if they don’t feel like joining, let them know they’re welcome.
Find new ways to spend time together.
Consider a chat from your car, order a special treat, or enjoy a movie or book together.
“Can I offer you a ride?”
If safe, offer them a ride to an upcoming appointment or join them on the bus.

When someone is having a bad mental health day, sometimes they need help with doing things around their home.

Make them a meal.
Offer to make a favorite meal or tasty dessert. You can enjoy it together or just drop it off.
“Can I better understand your mental health condition?”
When you become more familiar with their symptoms, you can better understand their experience.
Help them find help.
If they need a mental health professional, you can help them research

With social distancing, lending a hand isn’t always easy or safe right now. Think about chores you can realistically help with, like mowing the yard or bringing over a meal.

You know the person you care about. Build on that relationship and take the steps to reach out.

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