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How to Show Up for BIPOC Mental Health

BIPOC communities face unique challenges, such as racism and discrimination, which can impact their mental wellbeing. That is why National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month holds great significance.

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How to Support Mental Health in the LGBTQIA+ Community: Tips and Resources for You and Your Loved Ones in Howard County

Both Howard County and the state of Maryland made headlines recently for leadership on mental health issues and rights of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA+).

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Breaking Down Mental Health Advocacy: What It Is and Why It Matters

Mental health matters! That’s why, at Horizon Foundation, we’re championing a local movement in Howard County to raise awareness about mental health and the need to fund mental health services, such as mental health counseling in our children’s schools.

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How to care for people who give care

So, how do you support people who are also giving care? In this post, let’s explore how to make that network of care work for those who primarily give it.

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Help Relieve Voter Stress

Voting is an essential element of the United States democratic process, but it’s also something that can cause emotional strain. As millions of people across the country head to the polls, some will experience stress, pressure, and anxiety around this activity.

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From Hurt to Healing: Supporting Loved Ones Through Bullying

Bullying isn’t a childhood rite of passage – it’s an issue that affects our loved ones and individuals of all ages, from children to adults, leaving its mark in schoolyards, workplaces, and online spaces.

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Gender-Affirming Care and How to Support Those Receiving It

As emotional support humans, we may care for a friend or family member who currently receives or is considering gender-affirming care. Whether you are very familiar with this term or are hearing it for the first time, you can show that you care – and we’re here to help show you how.

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Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

The Grassroots hotline is available 24 hours a day. They provide support for individuals in crisis or anyone needing help connecting with resources in the community. They also provide walk-in counseling.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Howard County

The local chapter of the national organization, NAMI Howard County offers free support and education programs for individuals living with mental illness, as well as programs for friends, family, parents, and caregivers.

Education & Training

Network of Care – Resource Directory

The Network of Care provides information about behavioral health services in Howard County, including a directory of behavioral health providers. It is a good place to start your search for assistance with behavioral health issues.

Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC)

The LHIC website offers additional community resources, including links to upcoming mental health trainings.

Resources for Youth

Howard County Youth Suicide Prevention Campaign

A project of the Howard County Health Department, the Teen Health Matters website provides support for youth, more information on suicide warning signs, and suggested action steps.

Supporting a Student’s Mental Health
Howard County Public School System (HCPSS)

HCPSS summarizes the supports offered by the school system to promote mental health and wellness. The site also includes information about age-appropriate behavior, when you should follow up with a mental health professional, and a list of local resources.

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